Remove empty rows at the end of UITableView

Removing Empty Rows from the end of UITableView

Sometimes you have a table view with very few number of rows that are not covering the whole screen height.

In that case Xcode will add extra empty rows to your table view which looks very unprofessional. Continue reading “Remove empty rows at the end of UITableView”

Custom UITableViewCell from xib file in Swift 3

Create the custom UITableViewCell from a xib file

In this tutorial we will create a custom cell from xib file and learn how to use it in UITableView using Swift 3

Create Xcode project

1- Create a new Xcode project and select “Single View Application” template and click next

2- Type you project name, in my case i named it “CellExample” and select Swift from Language list and iPhone from Devices list and click next

custom uitableviewcell from xib in swift

3- select a location for your project then click finish.

Create UITableViewCell class and xib

4-Now create a new file and select “Cocoa Touch Class” and press next Continue reading “Custom UITableViewCell from xib file in Swift 3”