Add blur effect to image in Swift

Use this function to add a blur effect to UIImage in Swift

Blur effect using CoreImage

First import CoreImage framework

import CoreImage

then add and call this function after replacing “bg” with your UIImageView

func blurEffect() {
        let context = CIContext(options: nil)
        let currentFilter = CIFilter(name: "CIGaussianBlur")
        let beginImage = CIImage(image: bg.image!)
        currentFilter!.setValue(beginImage, forKey: kCIInputImageKey)
        currentFilter!.setValue(5, forKey: kCIInputRadiusKey)
        let cropFilter = CIFilter(name: "CICrop")
        cropFilter!.setValue(currentFilter!.outputImage, forKey: kCIInputImageKey)
        cropFilter!.setValue(CIVector(cgRect: beginImage!.extent), forKey: "inputRectangle")
        let output = cropFilter!.outputImage
        let cgimg = context.createCGImage(output!, from: output!.extent)
        let processedImage = UIImage(cgImage: cgimg!)
        bg.image = processedImage

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