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Category: Views & View Controllers

UIViewController lifecycle explained

UIViewController Lifecycle In this tutorial we will explain the lifecycle of UIViewController in iOS, these methods will run in the following order: 1- init?(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) If you are using storyboards this is where the controller is initialized, it is called one time only during the view controller lifetime. 2- loadView() . . . Read more

How to change UITextField placeholder color in Swift 3 and Interface Builder

You can change UITextField placeholder color programmatically or using interface builder Changing UITextField placeholder color in Swift 3 1- Create a new UITextField subclass and  override its layoutSubviews() and insert in it this line of code self.setValue(UIColor.init(red: 178/255.0, green: 34/255.0, blue: 78/255.0, alpha: 0.5), forKeyPath: “_placeholderLabel.textColor”)

How to add underline to UITextField in Swift 3

UITextField Underlined In Swift 3 Create a custom UITexField and add this method to it then override layoutSubviews() and call it from there   func underlined(){ let border = CALayer() let lineWidth = CGFloat(0.3) border.borderColor = UIColor.lightGray.cgColor border.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: self.frame.size.height – lineWidth, width: self.frame.size.width, height: self.frame.size.height) border.borderWidth . . . Read more